What is the role of service providers in the social protection system?

What is the licensing process for service providers in Kosovo?

How to ensure cooperation and exchange of experience and knowledge between service providers in order to achieve appropriate quality and improve development processes in this area?

Which steps can we undertake to influence the quality of service provision for persons with disabilities?

The views of government representatives and decision makers regarding service provision system for persons with disabilities – Where we are standing at the moment and ways forward; Financial mechanism and the European funds as potential financing sources for service providers; Users inclusion in the service design; Cooperation between stakeholders.

What are the European trends, and what is happening in Kosovo in the field of social services for persons with disabilities and the overview of good practices and services that exists in Kosovo.

These are some of the issues that will be discussed during the Forum.

We hope to work together on above mentioned questions, exchange experiences and examples of good practice in a way to create opportunities for future cooperation, exchange and develop expertise in the field of social services for persons with disabilities.

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